Women's Health Webinars: Jean Hailes Foundation

The Jean Hailes Foundation provides resources targeted at health professionals, on a range of women's health issues.

The following webinars are available on the Jean Hailes Foundation website:

Pelvic floor, continence, and the overactive bladder presented by Dr Payam Nikpoor and Amy Steventon

Ask an expert: Pelvic organ prolapse and management presented by Dr Chin Yong

Ask an expert: Urinary incontinence presented by Dr Payam Nikpoor

Urinary incontinence in women: a multidisciplinary approach presented by Dr Anna Rosamilia, Janetta Webb, and CoNSA member Germana Ryan

Pelvic Floor Fitness: Part 1 presented by Dr Margaret Sherburn

Pelvic Floor Fitness: Part 2 presented by Ms Marietta Mehanni

La Trobe University - Quality Hospital Care for People with Intellectual Disabilities

The Living with a disability research centre of La Trobe University has produced a learning resource on providing health care for people with intellectual disabilties in hospitals.  


 Access the resource here 

eContinence Paediatrics Course

The eContinence Paediatrics Course is for health professionals working in the area of paediatric continence, or health professionals wanting to increase their knowledge of paediatric continence care.

Developed by the International Children’s Continence Society (ICCS) and supported by the Continence Foundation of Australia, this course fills an education gap in the Australian and international market. 

On successful completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement. 

Cost: $300, with discounts for CFA and ICCS members.

Access the eContinence Paediatrics Course

High Risk Medicines

Evidence-Based eLearning for healthcare professionals.

You will need to register - these modules are free of charge if your health service has a subscription. 

Self-record up to 1 hour CPD per module, with 7 modules available, and a certificate available on completion.

Aligns with the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards.

Access the High Risk Medicines modules


Adult Female Incontinence: A course for health professionals

This online course is designed for health professionals.

It focuses on evaluating a female urinary incontinence and associated conditions, including the important aspects of the history, examination and an introduction into treatment options.

Read more, or enrol for this course

Every Nurse's Business

Australian Registered Nurses are invited to take part in a free online CPD programme which aims to help improve the healthcare outcomes for people with Intellectual Disability (ID) and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

The learning site is separated into three learning levels and covers six domains (modules) of content.

Completion of the learning material at the foundational, intermediate, and advanced levels and satisfactory completion of the optional assessment will be deemed to be equivalent to one unit of AQF level 8 postgraduate study. This can be presented to universities to consider for advanced standing.

Enqueries: Southern Cross University Senior Project Officer, Amy Pracilio This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Read more about Every Nurse's Business


Continence Foundation of Australia short courses & webinars

The Continence Foundation of Australia offers a range of short courses and webinars on their Continence Learning site.

Some resources require payment, some have no fee.

Access the Continence Learning Site

Distress screening for prostate cancer

The University of Technology, Sydney is offering a 'taster' course Distress screening for Prostate Cancer

This course is free of charge, online, self paced, and focused on:

  • Psychological distress following prostate cancer – the nature and extent of the problem
  • Screening for psychological distress following prostate cancer diagnosis
  • Distress screening – the way forward

This course will help you to understand the nature and extent of men's psychological distress following the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer.

Read more about the taster course Distress Screening for Prostate Cancer

International Continence Society - ICS TV

ICS offers some open access resources on a range of continence issues.

Some ICS TV resources require membership of ICS.

Access ICS TV

Moisture associated skin damage

Alison Parnham (RGN, University of Nottingham) presents this webcast is to outline the causes, clinical presentation and management of common conditions relating to Moisture-Associated Skin Damage (MASD).

In this webinar, she;

  • discusses the potential implications of excessive moisture exposure on the skin
  • summarises the importance of assessment
  • introduces a classification tool, and
  • discusses prevention and management strategies.

View the webinar

Continence courses

Are you thinking of commencing further education in continence nursing?

CoNSA recommends that you consider the following: 

Further your understanding of the role of the Nurse Continence Specialist (NCS)

Download the Practice Standards for Nurse Continence Specialists.

These standards have been designed to guide nurse continence specialist practice, and to guide Registered Nurses who want to develop their knowledge and skills in this area of clinical practice.  

Become a member of CoNSA

Membership will give you access to a network of continence nurse specialists across Australia, as well as opportunities for continuing education and mentorship.

You can find more information about membership here.

Undertake further education

As the role of NCS is an advanced practice role, there is an expectation that you would pursue post graduate qualifications (Graduate certificate, diploma, or master’s degree level). 

There are several options for further study although most won’t give you a formal post graduate qualification as they are essentially subjects or short courses.

You may be able to apply for credit at a university for any subjects or short courses you have successfully completed. However, for many people, continence related short courses or subjects are a good place to start getting into the specialty area.  

The courses/subjects listed below have been reviewed by CoNSA as being relevant to continence nursing practice, and address some or all of the NCS practice standards. We are aware that the La Trobe University post graduate course is undergoing review and not currently available. We have been advised that it will be available in 2025.  



NMBA registration requires that standards for continuing professional development are met annually.  

Access the NMBA Guidelines: Continuing Professional Development

In addition to other CPD opportunities available throughout this website, please note these potential sources: