Women's Health Webinars: Jean Hailes Foundation

The Jean Hailes Foundation provides resources targeted at health professionals, on a range of women's health issues.

The following webinars are available on the Jean Hailes Foundation website:

Pelvic floor, continence, and the overactive bladder presented by Dr Payam Nikpoor and Amy Steventon

Ask an expert: Pelvic organ prolapse and management presented by Dr Chin Yong

Ask an expert: Urinary incontinence presented by Dr Payam Nikpoor

Urinary incontinence in women: a multidisciplinary approach presented by Dr Anna Rosamilia, Janetta Webb, and CoNSA member Germana Ryan

Pelvic Floor Fitness: Part 1 presented by Dr Margaret Sherburn

Pelvic Floor Fitness: Part 2 presented by Ms Marietta Mehanni