The Continence Foundation of Australia is hosting the Lived Experience Panel as part of World Continence Week

Where: Online, register below to receive your link

When: 5.30 pm, Wednesday 21 June 2023

Hosted byAnja Christoffersen, international model, author, motivational speaker, disability advocate, and holistic counsellor

Anja was born with VACTERL Association and has been incontinent her whole life

She runs the Champion Health Agency, representing those with disability and chronic illness who want to professionalise their lived experience

The purpose of the webinar is to encourage people to talk about incontinence, raise awareness and understanding and let people know where to find help and support

A group of panelists will discuss their lived experience of incontinence, barriers to seeking help, common misconceptions about incontinence and how to change the narratives around this common condition

There will also be an opportunity for audience members to ask questions

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