The Nurse Continence Specialist (NCS) is a Registered Nurse (who may also be a Midwife) whose scope of practice encompasses knowledge and advanced practice skills in continence care.

The Nurse Continence Specialist provides services that are an integral part of a heath care team.

As part of the health care team, the Nurse Continence Specialist provides care for people who have incontinence and other bladder, bowel and/or pelvic floor muscle dysfunction.

Nurse Continence Specialists work in a variety of health care settings including:

  • Continence clinics
  • Acute care hospitals
  • Community and home care
  • Rehabilitation centres
  • General practice clinics

You can find out where your local Nurse Continence Specialist is by calling the National Continence Helpline free call 1800 33 00 66

In most cases, you can refer yourself or someone that you provide care for, to your Nurse Continence Specialist or a continence clinic, without a medical referral.